As the sky is full of stars, so must our lives be full of projects. So occupied, we shall stay out of trouble.

Here are my current projects at the Volpe Center, my benevolent employer:

  • National Park Service business development. Assisting in the direction of a Volpe Center effort to provide customized program support to the National Park Service, specifically regarding the Park Service's Alternative Transportation Program. This involves creating marketing materials, collaborating with Park Service staff, and coordinating the work of various Volpe Center staff. (Fall 2001--present)

  • National Park Service transportation planning, Lowell. Working with the NPS on a project to expand trolley service at Lowell (Mass.) National Historical Park in partnership with various local and regional planning and transportation agencies. (Summer 2001--present)

  • National Park Service traveler-information systems research, Boston. Assisting on a project to provide an integrated traveler-information system usable by visitors to Boston-area national parks. (Fall 2001--present)

  • National Park Service data-collection support, Yosemite. Organizing a traffic information system workshop to be held at Yosemite National Park. (Fall 2001--present)

  • Infrastructure Renewal Partnership Initiative. Writing a research paper on "The Federal Role in Innovative Transportation Finance" as a prelude to a workshop to be conducted... eventually. (Winter 2001--present)

  • Miscellaneous program and policy support, consistent with my position as a policy analyst. (Ongoing)

I also maintain an archive of past Volpe Center projects, which might be useful reading if you are interested in my professional accomplishments, or if you're a stalker.

In my copious spare time, I am involved in a parallel universe simmering with even more razzle-dazzle. Take a gander at some of this:

  • Free Transfer. I host a live weekly public-affairs and variety cable television program in the fair city of Cambridge. Since it premiered in the fall of 2000, I have met an assortment of local politicians, would-be politicians, activists, and other notables and not-so-notables. Julia Child, a longtime resident of Cambridge, once politely declined to appear on the program.

  • Subjectverb. An independent publication of socially constructive analysis, arts and letters, and opinion. Define... engage!

  • Classified projects. I wish I could tell you more about some of these. I really wish I do. But, you know how it is. Suffice it to say that there are always new projects in the works.
A note on the name of this page: Long, long ago, this page, "Schedule," had a little HTML table showing what I was up to in any given calendar month. Later it was demoted to merely listing my MIT class schedule. Well, now that I'm a blue-suited sarariman, my schedule shouldn't really be the subject of curiosity. Until I remember how to use grep to do a directorywide find/replace, however, the page's name will endure!

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12 november 2001