The Great Westward Push

Day 1 (Thu., Sept. 19): Cambridge, Mass. to Buffalo, N.Y.
440+ miles in the first day -- not a bad start. And hey, was that a DeLorean?

Day 2 (Fri., Sept. 20): Buffalo, N.Y. to Ann Arbor, Mich.
I make it to the first new state of the trip, visiting the first friend on the itinerary.

Day 3 (Sat., Sept. 21): Ann Arbor, Mich. to Madison, Wis.
Another 400+ mile day -- hey, this is a lot for me -- and defeat the great city of Chicago in the process.

Day 4 (Sun., Sept. 22): Madison, Wis. to Minneapolis, Minn.
I arrive at the second friendly port on the Push.

Day 5 (Mon., Sept. 23): Minneapolis, Minn. to Pierre, S.D.
Approaching 2000 miles, I hit South Dakota -- the first real state Out West.

Day 6 (Tue., Sept. 24): Pierre, S.D. to Rapid City, S.D.
I descend on Badlands National Park. It's like a detour to the moon.

Day 7 (Wed., Sept. 25): Rapid City, S.D. to Gillette, Wyo.
Mount Rushmore, check. Buffalo, check. Very, very long freight trains, check.

Day 8 (Thu., Sept. 26): Gillette, Wyo. to Billings, Mont.
One Plosky good, three Ploskys better. George Armstrong Custer, I'm sure, would agree.

Days 9 through 12 -- Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks -- coming soon.

Day 13 (Tue., Oct. 1): Salt Lake City, Utah to Moab, Utah
Soaring canyons more than make up for the teeny towns I pass through. Unbelievable!

More updates -- and pictures -- to come!

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2 october 2002